Friends and clients often ask me why Forest Hills?

Do you ever have the desire to move to the City? The thought enters my mind but after thinking about it the answer is; no. Forest Hills is like “its own little mini-Manhattan” to quote long time friend Maxine Wallis. Everything is close by and the “City” (Manhattan) is just 15 minutes away. There are not too many other, if any places in NYC where you can go two blocks and find such a drastic change in setting. From main drag twelve lane Queens Boulevard you can walk one block to Austin Street with tons of boutiques and restaurants go one block further and you are in Forest Hills Gardens a historic community that feels like you have gone to England. A ten minute stroll through the Gardens and then you have reached Forest Park which spans 538 acres all the way to Brooklyn, and contains one of the last remaining natural forests in the City .

Queens Blvd then (via



Queens Blvd now via (



Austin Street then: (via



Austin Street now




Station Square (



Vintage Station Square, not much has changed!



Station Square


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