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If your a native Forest Hills-ian like the writer surely you must have some tale of a relative or friend that did not come back after a visit to Parkway Hospital. The site which has been under utilized for years has been bought by a developer seeking to convert the property into condos. Since Forest Hills, is low on new or re-purposed construction projects the new use will be met with high demand. Close proximity to the subway and the Grand Central Parkway as well as the Kew Gardens Interchange  will make it easy to commute. Views facing north of Willow Lake in Flushing Meadows Park should be stunning. Read on courtesy of the Queens Chronicle…


Six years after closing its doors to patients, the former Parkway Hospital may soon be welcoming residents.

The Manhattan-based Jasper Venture Group has “captured” the defunct Forest Hills medical center site and plans to build condominiums at the location, according to a press release from the real estate investment firm.

The release also indicates the group plans to expand the former hospital, which sits on a spacious 107,142 square-foot lot.

“Though the hospital is over 100,000 square feet, Jasper wants to increase its size,” the firm said. “Rebuilding condominiums from the group up will breathe new life into the idle site.”

When contacted by the Chronicle, a spokesman for the Jasper Venture Group declined to comment on the purchase or the potential reconstruction plans for the structure, saying “We cannot disclose that information right now.”

The Parkway Hospital site went up for auction on Jan. 10 and a winning bid was submitted, but the sale fell through in March, leaving the future of the graffiti-covered building unknown.

Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills) and area community leaders have all expressed frustration over the lack of progress at the site in recent months, with Koslowitz calling the site “terrible.”

“We have a disgusting looking building that could be put to good use,” the councilwoman said in March.

She also expressed her desire to see senior housing at the site, something Community Board 6 District Manager Frank Gulluscio and Forest Hills Civic Association President Barbara Stuchinski have advocated for as well.

“I would just love to see senior housing there,” Koslowitz said. “I’ve been an advocate of that for years now.”


 Article Via The Queens Chronicle

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