Want to live like a hollywood star? Airbnb can make it happen. With over 60 million guests in 34,000 cities in 190 countries since Airbnb’s 2008 founding, business is bustling. To keep listings interesting, hosts use their properties’ association with celebrities to keep them booked. Here’s a look at some of those properties, which once served as home to the stars.

Mickey Rooney

Actor Mickey Rooney passed away last year after a film career that spanned hundreds of movies, nine decades and eight marriages. The man may be gone, but you can still stay in the 2-bedroom Topanga Canyon apartment he once called home for a mere $220 per night.

The apartment accommodates four people and is less than a 15 minute drive to Malibu and Santa Monica. The listing also promises a front porch chime that captures “the soul of the wind” and nights that “host an entrancing symphony orchestrating frogs and crickets, conducted by owls.”

Mickey Rooney's living room.
Mickey Rooney’s living room | Photography Courtesy of Airbnb

Ava Gardner and Artie Shaw

One was a sultry, smoky brunette from the Hollywood of yesteryear. The other was a purveyor of big band jazz. They were Ava Gardner and Artie Shaw, and their marriage was a tempestuous union that lasted only a year. However, the home that they occupied still stands, and you can rent it for just $85 a night.

Nestled in Burbank’s Rancho Equestrian area, the house was built in 1938. Its 15′ x 12′ guest room boasts a walk-in closet and the dining room can accommodate 12. Guests with musical instruments can retire to the detached cabin that serves as a dedicated space to play them without disturbing others. And it’s only a 10-minute drive to Forest Lawn Memorial Park, the final resting place of Fred “Rerun” Berry of “What’s Happening!!”

Music room in the home that once belonged to Ava Gardner & Artie Shaw | AirbnbBing Crosby

Bing Crosby passed away in 1977, but he remains a cultural giant, with 41 number one hits and an iconic reading of “White Christmas” that’s sold 100 million copies. Now, true devotees can stay in his former home in Palm Springs for $675 a night.

The 1934 Hacienda – all 3200 square feet of it — has been restored, while still maintaining its classic feel. The outdoor pool area can accommodate up to 30 people, and those who want to take in a Hope-Crosby classic movie can do so by firing up the living room’s 8’x15′ screen, complete with surround sound.

Swimming pool at Bing Crosby's home.
Swimming pool at Bing Crosby’s home | Airbnb

Captain & Tennille

Love may not have kept them together, but in happier times, the easy listening stars known as Captain & Tennille once lived in this palatial 3-bedroom spread in Malibu with their pet chimpanzee. They weren’t the only famous occupants either – previous residents include actor Denzel Washington and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

The house offers spectacular views of mountains and oceans, and it accommodates up to eight people. The listing proclaims it perfect for those “seeking a romantic and restful holiday,” and it features a detached gym and oceanfront Jacuzzi. The property is available for $490 per night.

The Captain & Tenille's living room.
The Captain & Tenille’s living room | Airbnb

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was the personification of old school Hollywood glamor. She passed away in 2011, but those wishing to soak up some of that glamour for themselves can do so by renting her former home in the Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs.

The 4-bedroom residence — which is $625 a night — offers guests numerous extravagances, including mountain views, a swimming pool and a spa. The listing suggests using it as a wedding venue, a fitting tribute to a woman who was married eight times, twice to the same man.

Elizabeth Taylor's swimming pool.
Elizabeth Taylor’s swimming pool | Airbnb

John Steinbeck

For those interested in experiencing a bit of American literary history, $175 will buy you a night in the intimate, one-bedroom studio where author John Steinbeck would dream up his masterpieces. It’s no retreat from civilization, however – this Pacific Grove studio has plenty of modern amenities, including cable television and wireless Internet.

It measures 350 square feet, and it’s good for guests of slight build, as the listing advises tall guests to “mind their heads” as they walk through the short doorways. Those wanting to rent slightly roomier Steinbeck-related real estate can rent his cottage instead, which resides on the same property as the studio, for $195 per night.

John Steinbeck's studio.
John Steinbeck’s studio | Airbnb

Jimi Hendrix

In 1970, rock guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix was in Hawaii to film the concert movie “Rainbow Bridge.” When he was there, he took up residence at this private home in Hawaii, where guests can now stay for $165 per night. Known as the Gingerbread House, this 1930’s cottage has been remodeled, but thanks to its presence on gated property, the privacy it affords its guests remains.

The home has only a modest kitchenette and no bedroom to speak of, but it’s intended more as a getaway destination for couples than a place to bring a large family anyway. The owner rents out the property for a minimum of three nights, but between the plentiful fruit trees and tree canopy over the outdoor patio, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would ever want to leave. The owner of the property also performs weddings.
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