Are  you ready? I said are you ready? Are you ready to go down to the pool!? Let’s get soaking wet! The following is a guide to pools in the Forest Hills, Rego Park, and Kew Gardens area.   -

Buildings With Pools -

Fairview- Forest Hills

Perhaps the largest outdoor pool club in the neighborhood, Fairview a well taken care of  co-op close to the Grand Central and 108 St in Forest Hills offers residents and outsiders seasonal or daily passes. Unlike the other clubs food and drink service is available and they occasional live entertainment as well. Photo via   Fairway Pool


-Kennedy House Certainly a landmark building in Forest Hills, the Kennedy House has the distinction of having a glamorous and gigantic chandelier in the lobby. It is also know as “the blue building” because of its blue lights that illuminate the balconies makes it an easy to spot building from all over Queens. It is the only building in the area to offer a rooftop pool some 33 stories up! Photos Via imgres-4                    slider3                     imgres-5   -Pinnacle

One of the newest and in most demand buildings in Forest Hills the Pinnacle Condominium has a whole floor dedicated to ammenity spaces including, a fitness facility, conference room, billiards room and more: imgres-6     imgres-7     imgres-8

-Birchwood Towers

One of more luxury complexes in the area the three towers going up “Heart Attack Hill” so named by the nearby Forest Hills High School students who lug their book bags over one of the steepest vertical climbs in the area to reach the 67th Ave train station. The  cluster of three buildings can be spotted all over Queens. The writer love these classic renderings of Birchwood Towers, the buildings are largely intact and still look the same. The Birchwood recreation complex is between the Bel-Air and Toledo towers. Renderings via

dlo  dlo-1dlo-2


  -Gerard Towers

Gerard Towers is another one of Forest Hills Most prestegious co-op buildings. It features a wonderful big pool that lines Austin Street for anyone wondering whats behind the long brick wall, here you go!

imgres-10 imgres-11   images-12 -LeFrak City One of the largest rental complexes in the city still boasts affordable apartments with a library, and a pool as ammenities:

images-14 imgres-12 images-13

Non-Residential Pools -West Side Tennis Club -Forest Hills Jewish Center -Central Queens Y -Queens Rehab


With this heatwave its time to cool down with some hot fun in the summertime!

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