Bakers Dozen

Here is your guide to the bakeries that make Central Queens’ collective sweet tooth crave croissants to cannoli.
There are a variety of bakeries in the area, whether its Eastern European, French, Chinese, Italian or American you can find what you want to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Eastern European
  • Andres Hungarian bakery This is one of the oldest remaining businesses in Forest Hills, known for their heavy baked goods such as strudels and fruit bars dipped in dark chocolate. Also try their Hungarian food specialties such as beef goulash and chicken paprikash
-Homestead on Lefferts in Kew Gardens has remained over 70 years many people make the special trip to visit for their strudels.
-Bonelle Pastry Shoppe has been turning out high quality baked goods for 17 years a place where the staff; two sisters know most of the clientele by name. Known best for the amazing cheese danish with raisins they have a wide variety of treats also of note are the fruit tarts.
-La Boulangerie A relative newcomer to the neighborhood this open-style store where you can see into the kitchen appeals to many. Also known for the best cup of coffee in Forest Hills. Many seek out this this spot for their bread selection as well as sandwiches.
Fay Da- Certainly wins the award for foot traffic located right above the 71-Continental Subway Station this bakery is always bustling with people.
While they certainly have a large selection of sweets the writer recommends you try some of their hot and savory baked goods such as the BBQ Pork Steamed Bun and the Curry Chicken Turnover.They also have a selection of drinks including the popular bubble tea.
Martha’s Country Bakery- Certainly one of the busiest stores in Forest Hills this Austin Street destination has an enormous variety of product. They also have a cafe area very popular after dinner or the movies.
So no matter which way you slice it Queens has the baked goods that will having you savoring the crumbs and coming back for seconds!

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