Long considered America’s national dish, and with the knowledge that nobody does it better than New York, all three areas offer up some of the finest. Rego Park could never have it better than Avellino’s, on 64th Avenue just off the north side of Queens Boulevard. Their pizza is not only a work of art, but so are their classic Italian entrees, and they’ve even started offering a new line of Panini (the prosciutto, mozzarella, red peppers and black olives is poetry on a plate). Forest Hills features the divine Due Fratelli on Queens Blvd, Nicks on Ascan (consistently rated as one of the top pizzas in NYC), and Lillian’s on 69th Ave where you may find neighborhood native Ray Romano chowing down on his favorite childhood slice. and also Masara’s, Kew Gardens has the legendary Dani’s, on Lefferts just off Austin, Each neighborhood also has a branch of the world-famous Singa’s, which originally started in Elmhurst in 1967; known for their distribution on ten-inch pies with a truly unique sauce and consistency of crust as well as a wide variety of toppings, they finally began to franchise at the beginning of the century, and Central Queens immediately became their target area.


Article co-wrtten with Andrew Martin

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