There has been a wine, cheese, charcoutrie craze coming over Forest Hills in the last year or so, what used to be impossible to find is now offered in bountiful amounts.  Below is a guide for what you need to know to shop for a wine and cheese party as well as dining out in the neighborhood.

Home Wine And Cheese Party- Nothing says Forest Hills more than a wine and cheese party luckily there are a few places to stock up on what you need to make it a success right in the neighborhood.

-Mr Vino’s Cucino’

  • This relative newcomer to the neighborhood has been a welcome addititon since arriving a couple of years ago. Right on the main shopping strip of Austin St. this family run shop has a wide selection of cheese, meats, smoked fish, and specialty oils. They also boast the largest selection of craft beers in the neighborhood. Swing around the corner on Continental Ave to their wine shop to complete your shopping.

-Cheese of the World

  • This Austin Street mainstay has been popular for years with gourmands of the area. with Serrano and Imperico hams hanging in the window you know if just has to be good, and it is! The helpfull staff will halp you out with what you need for your gathering. In addition to meats and cheeses, they also offer a selection of truffles and imported chocolates.


  • This mainstay of Kew Gardens for close to 70 years has been on Lefferts Blvd. serving up Eastern European delicasies. World-renown  for their strudels they also offer a full selection sausages, meats, salads and cheeses.  They also have a number of prepared foods as well.

-Trader Joe’s

  • For a wine and cheese on a budget nothing beats Trader Joe’s on Metropolitan Ave near Woodhaven Blvd in Forest Hills. This grocer is known for their inexpensive but good cheese and wine.

-Empire Liquor

  • On the main thoroughfare of Queens Blvd in Forest Hills, this store certainly has an “empire” worth of alcohol. From wines, liqours, cordials and a large Kosher section as well.

Reataurant Options- for those who don’t want the obligation of entertaining there are a number of exciting “board” options in the neighborhood including:

-Station House this newcomer gastropub has taken the neighborhood by storm. Largest craft beer selection in the neighborhood

-jack and Nellies this Ascan Ave favorite specializes in Tapas and small plates also has a focus on wince and cheeses

-Keuka Kafe on Queens Blvd just east of Ascan Ave. has been garnering rave reviews since opening a year ago. They specialize in meat and cheese boards along with wine accompaniement.

-Danny Brown Wine Bar- On Metropolitan in Forest Hills this  was the first restaurant in the area to specialize in meat and cheese boards and they certainly set the bar high, they are the Michelin Star restaurant in Queens.





Image Via Yelp

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